About Us

Construction worker turned furniture maker.

I started the shop in April of 2012. I have been running a remodeling company for 5 years now and I was asked (by my amazing wife) to make a TV cabinet for our home from a old Barn door. The Barn door was from a local barn that was built in 1830 and it had a lot of character. Once I built The Cabinet friends and family wanted other pieces made. So I decided to start Reclaimed Art. I grew up on a farm when I was younger and I was taught at an early age to reuse anything that we could. So over the years while remodeling I saved anything that I thought I could use for something else, or another job. After awhile I had a lot of material just sitting around so I decided to put it to good use. I also buy materials from The local Historical Society which is a non profit organization where they have a ton of salvaged materials from older homes and barns for sale. I just recently have taken on a barn dismantling project where I plan to reuse all the material for my pieces. It's an interesting new job for me where I can learn new things about the history of our area.